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About Us


Welcome to the Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association, the regional breed club covering the Northwest. Our goal is to educate and advocate for our hardy Gray dogs of Norway. We believe in promoting responsible ownership, responsible breeding practices, and preserving the heritage of the breed through events and activities. Our community is made up of passionate members and owners who share a love for these exceptional dogs.

Club History

Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary

Celebrating 75 years of PSNEA! Join us in commemorating this milestone and honouring the legacy of our beloved breed. From our founding members to our current community, we are proud to continue the tradition of promoting and preserving the Norwegian Elkhound. Here's to many more years of camaraderie and appreciation for these magnificent dogs.

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us by email for more information on how to join.

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